Where the Oregon Coast Falls in Love!

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About us


A question commonly asked in our store is “Where do you get the name SJ Custom Jewelers?” And it comes from us, the family who owns and operates it.

Stewart and his wife Jamie and children Kingston, Katelyn & Kalvin

S for Stewart  + J for Jamie = the catchy name of your favorite jewelry store.

Our family-owned business is local to the Central Oregon Coast and provides quality products and services. You can walk in and find the S (Stew) working, as

well as a few sweet employees that we treat like family. And anyone who’s been in, knows that at our store we try to treat everyone like family.

We specialize in custom jewelry. Whether that is engraving the handwriting of a loved one onto a charm or creating the perfect, one of a

kind engagement ring, we’ve got you covered. Because we know that jewelry is more than beautiful, it’s meaningful.


Love is why we do what we do!

We wanted to work in a field where people are happy. You’ve found “the one”, your soulmate and the love of your life.

That puts a smile on your face,so we’re smiling too. So come find out why we love you more!



It's time to mean it.

 At SJ Custom Jewelers we believe that every person that walks through the door is a Client!

Which means no matter how big or small your need is we strive to keep it 100% for everyone



SJ Custom Jewelers

"Where the Oregon Coast Falls in Love!"